A Stylish Perfumer Shares His Top 5 Scents For Spring

While you wouldn't know it judging by today, spring is in the air. Okay, maybe that's not exactly true, but we're positive that if we keep saying it's spring, Mother Nature will catch up. To help expedite the process, we've turned to the admirable nose of perfumer Carlos Huber, who's put together a hit-list of his favorite scents—and where to get them in NYC—that's bound to make you feel a little warmer. Huber, who's also an architect with a speciality in historic preservation, has spent the past several years studying the art of aroma with internationally renowned experts, an education that's resulted in an upcoming full-fledged fragrance collection for men and women (watch this space for details). The olfactive creations, like his architectural skills, are naturally tied to history; The notes conjure a specific time and place, "opening the doors to distant worlds." If that past includes some sunlight, count us in.
Click through to peep Huber's 5 must-buy scents for spring!

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