6 Self-Tanners To Faux Your Glow

What's better than a real tan? Flaunting a fake that looks so good you might as well have spent a week in the tropics. Sure, pale is unintentionally de rigueur in winter and has its own mysteriously alluring charm, but a little healthy, year-round radiance is never off limits. And, if you're as savvy as we think you are, you're already up on the fact that logging hours in the sun (or the tanning bed) is the most damaging thing you can do to your skin. So, put any thoughts of Jersey Shore Orange aside and check out our list of the best sunless tanners that will woo you with their subtle, glow-getting formulas. Plus, we snagged three easy tips from self-tanning guru, Sinead Norenius, for getting a foolproof tan. Grab a self-tanner, follow her advice, and you're golden:
Spring 2011 Alice + Olivia presentation photo by Lianna Tarantin
From Sinead:
Do: Exfoliate, hydrate with a water-based moisturizer to help absorb the tanning product, and then apply self-tanner using gloves or a tanning mitt.
Don't: Wear deodorant, perfume, or essential oils when applying self-tanner; they can interfere with the process and cause splotches.
Do: Keep a dry wash cloth handy so you can buff areas—like the elbows, knees, and ankles—that grab too much product.

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