Oh Lord, EW: Here Are Hoodies Made From Blow-Up Dolls

If Buffalo Bill wasn't such a psychopath, he might have been responsible for these hoodies made from plastic blow-up dolls. The man behind these unbelievable creepy creations is Dutch artist Sander Reijgers, who fashions track suits from blow-up sex dolls, the sight of which makes us want to claw out our eyeballs with our keyboards. First off, this is so, so horrifyingly disturbing—because even though Sander didn't use a real person (which is good), he's still making clothes out of a woman's skinned form (which is fucked up and not good). Secondly, he uses all of the blow-up doll (the whole buffalo, you know?) including all the penetrable and protruding bits, so you end up with a vagina on your shoulder or a nipple sticking out of your ear. Thirdly? They're not even that cute! Even without the patchwork O-faces and plasticky lady bits, the style is an unfortunate hodge-podge of early '00s chav-fashion and the outfit that guy who lives in the apartment below you who's always talking about salvia wears. Click through for way too many photos of the hoodies. Sorry. (If It's Hip via LostAtEMinor)
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