The Best Fashion Tumblrs To Follow Now

The Internet: information highway, mother of globalisation, facilitator of shared knowledge and common consciousness. Sure, the WWW has an impressive curriculum vitae, but let's be honest here—the internet's major role is as less of an educator and more of a convenient tool for hours and hours of procrastination, especially when you know that you have a million other chores on the to-do list. And what better way to procrastinate that with a whole host of deliciously gorgeous eye candy on Tumblr? To maximise on your procrastinatory browsing, we've done the grunt work for you and singled out some of our most favourite fashion Tumblr blogs. Check out our top five Tumblr fashion bloggers of the moment.
SHOELUST—Everyone knows the best kind of porn is shoe porn. SHOELUST makes us hot under the collar, and has our toes tingling with excitement as it showcases the most lust worthy shoes from all over the world.
Textbook—Imagine your favourite literary characters and then imagine they were dressed by Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood. Now click on Textbook and see these fantasy characters come to life... Sartorially, that is.
Today I Bought—It doesn't get much cuter than Katie Evans' illustrations. Drawing the things she buys, Katie's work is original, interesting and did we mention super, super cute?
Fuck Yeah Menswear—Sourcing the best of menswear from all over the internet, Fuck Yeah Menswear has a twist—it spits totally hilarious, original rhymes to go with their images of men gettin' their dapper on.
The Impossible Cool—Just images of those icons of effortless, unattainable cool. Scrolling through this Tumblr is addictive—its denizens range from the wildly avant garde to the minimalist, but all have that one common factor of being infuriatingly cool.

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