10 Amazing Subway Stranger Encounters

Traveling the various lines of New York's subway system, you see all kinds of people. Sexy people. Crazy people. Fabulous people. But rarely do you ever take a moment out to figure out who they are. Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula, however, have taken that moment—along with their backgrounds in theater, Yale educations, and High-Def cameras—and launched Why Are You On My Train? a vlog that reveals the fascinating stories and personalities of the folks quietly (or not so quietly) sitting across from you on the subway. Turns out, they have a lot to say.
Visit Why Are You On My Train? for their interviews along with other rider-based content and keep clicking to check out Alli and Jen's 10 favorite videos from their ongoing travels below street level.

10. Mini-Mozart:
"This 13 year old makes us wonder what the rest of us have accomplished."

9. These guys met on Twitter—Shut up!:
"There are so many ways to make new friends nowadays."

3. MTA Ballers
"Some people like the subway even more than your friendly transit vloggers."

4. Psychics, Astronauts and Rappers:
"Sometimes, less than ideal things go down on the subway."

5. Lingerie, Moses and Bach:
"Be sure to find out what the homeless man was singing."

6. Oh, College: "Six college hockey players wearing 'I

7. Please Do Not Stop Watching Before The Dance Break:
"There are all kinds of performers underground."

8. Whip My Bacon Rolls:
"The founders of www.rapgenius.com hypnotize us with their words of wisdom."

9. Shrinks, Dead People, and Photojournalism:
Meet a life-long New Yorker, old friends and a photojournalist freshly returned from Iraq.

10. Vikings, Tattoos, and Doctors Without Borders:
"What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen on the train? Share your stories here."

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