Woven Bags Are Back & They Got a Major Upgrade

When it comes to trends, the idea of a one-season reign followed by a tired end is pretty much the norm. (Rarely do they last far beyond the one year mark, let alone three years, in this case.) So when the weather warmed back up and (can you guess it?) woven bags reappeared for the umpteenth time, we thought it was time to put them in the archives for good. But from traditional basket bags to colourful raffia totes, woven bags are officially back for yet another summer of beating out every other handbag style.
After last year's ode to the classics (think Jane Birkin’s famous basket bag), 2018's styles are shaping up to be a tad more exciting. Prepare for your expectations to be flipped, because woven bags are back like never before, with oddly-shaped bucket bags in neon hues to itty bitty belt bags (you know you want one!). And whether you're heading away for a weekend at the beach or just searching for that one, end-all-be-all daytime bag, the new woven bag is a no-brainer.
To celebrate the return of our favourite summer trend, we've pulled together 14 of this summer’s best and brightest styles.