8 Flea Markets Worth Travelling For

When you travel to a new city, chances are you'll visit all the major landmarks, hit up different neighbourhoods, and sample famous local cuisines. Another way to get a true sense of a city's culture and identity? Exploring its flea markets. Picking up a few one-of-a-kind items — from vintage housewares and clothing to locally made accessories and crafts — can help ensure that a piece of your trip lives on, well after you've returned home.
While there's no shortage of amazing flea markets peddling all sorts of wares, we’re always on the hunt for finds that are specific to the locale — like the teas produced in the mountains of Myanmar and sold in local bazaars, or the lacquerware made by Thai artisans that is displayed in the markets of Chiang Mai. Bargaining can also be a memorable part of the experience, and some of the best travel tips can be gleaned through friendly conversation with vendors. Ahead, eight of the world's best flea markets, and what to look for at each.

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