A Tall Girl’s Guide To Dressing Well

'Go high or go home' has been my shoe mantra since I finally accepted my height – all six feet of it – about eight years ago. Throughout my teens I was crippled with insecurity about my BFG stature. I towered above the boys I fancied, was over half a foot taller than my female friends and my sports teachers assumed I would be the best in the year. N.B. I hate sporting activity and breaking into a sweat, have minimal to no sporting talent, and subsequently disappointed a lot of people.
Shopping was a constant struggle. The fit was never quite right on the highstreet – where jeans were ankle-swinging and sleeves showed too much wrist for my liking. On nights out I was always the chump in flats while my dainty Borrower friends showed off new heels. And with my broad shoulders too, sometimes the cut of a top was so tight I'd be hunched over like Quasimodo. Not a good look.
But hold the violins, this story ends quite happily. Thankfully, by the time I went to university, the boys had shot up, I discovered some of the advantages of being tall (no ID for me), and finally found the right pieces to cover and flatter my long limbs. Hello body confidence. I suddenly felt like I was in a Dove advert!
For all my fellow strapping lasses out there, here is my guide to dressing well as a tall woman. Don't feel like a kitten heel is your only option. Don't feel limited by your wardrobe, feel liberated! And do punch anyone who remarks on how tall you are. Fancy that? I'd never noticed!
Here are six fail-safe outfit options and items that will help you look your very best this summer...