11 Reasons Why Wedding Season Is Actually The Best

Illustrated by Mary Galloway.
By Eve Sturges
In case you haven’t noticed, lists are taking over the Internet, whether we like it or not. One thing I’ve observed about this numerical revolution is how often the topics are all about what not to say, what never to do, and why everyone hates (fill in the blank…). A lot of them are funny, but after a while, it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
Lately, I’ve noticed an increase in anti-wedding lists. Apparently, a large portion of the population lives in perpetual fear of wedding season. If I consider this through a cynical lens, I can concede that weddings might feel like obligations, but I would never consider weddings through a cynical lens. From the time I was a little girl waiting for my mum to return from weddings with a fully detailed report of the decor, cake, bride, groom, toasts, dancing, and kissing, I have loved these events. I love them for what they symbolise: hope, commitment, family, partnership, and, you know...love.
I don’t want weddings to ever go away.
In the interest of celebration, optimism, and lists, I present to you 11 Reasons Wedding Season Is Actually The Best.

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