Victoria Beckham Shares Empowering Advice About Being A Working Mum

Photo: James McCauley/REX/Shutterstock.
Over the last 20 years, Victoria Beckham has launched two enormously successful careers - first as a pop star, then as a fashion designer - while also becoming a mum of four. Along the way, she's always had a knack for a hilarious one-liner, too. In a new interview with The Sunday Times, she speaks candidly about balancing her super-busy work and family lives.

"The truth is, it is hard," Beckham admits. "You feel guilty if you’re missing something with the children. If I’m away on holiday or away for the weekend, I hide in the loo or a cupboard because someone at work is emailing me and they need answers to something, and I feel I have to hide those things because I don't want to impinge on the family."

Beckham also acknowledges, though, that she is fortunate to be in "a position to have help" at home and at work, telling The Sunday Times: "I am incredibly lucky that I am the boss, so I can say: 'I’m coming in late because of sports day.'"

She then shares some sound and empowering advice given to her recently by a fellow fashion designer and working mum.

"Actually, Diane von Furstenberg said something really interesting," Beckham recalls. "I saw her a few months ago, and I asked her: 'Did you feel constantly guilty as a working mum?' She said: 'I didn’t feel guilty once, not once, because I did the best I could and I was a mum. Guilt makes you look old and feel old, and it’s never going to get anyone anywhere.'"

Whether you're a parent or not, these are undeniably wise words worth bearing in mind next time life needs you to be in two places at once.

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