Venus In Sagittarius Is Bringing Joyous Vibes In Love

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From Nov. 15 PST and 16 EST to Dec. 9, Venus, the planet of sensuality, pleasure, and social graces, will be in fiery Sagittarius. At this time, we’ll be wanting to break free of social norms when it comes to love and romance. We will be making our own rules in matters of the heart. This means that we get to define our own boundaries, play around in experimenting in the type of relationship we want, as well as a time to color outside the lines — more importantly having a good time while doing so. Think of this transit as a time to plan your own adventure in love.
Sagittarius isn’t a sign that’s known to commit. In fact, it is the seeker of wisdom and truth, which means that they wander around the globe looking for answers and philosophy. Throughout their travels, the archer picks up different perspectives and ideas that they believe in. If they’re lucky enough to meet someone who shares the same vision as them and challenges them intellectually, who is also a blast to hang out with, then the archer will commit with ease. With Venus in the sign of Sagittarius, we are looking for our ride or die who can double as bestie as well as lover. Also, for someone who gives us the freedom to go off on our own and isn’t demanding. 
Venus in Sagittarius is the Don Juan of romance and a firm believer in autonomy. If there is one tinge or element of jealousy that exists in a relationship, then they’ll run in the other direction. Even though Venus in Sagittarius can be a player when they’re not in a commitment and single, trust is important to them. They need a partner who believes in them and stands by them — which is the way they would act for anyone that they care about. If someone accuses them of cheating, they’ll trot away in seconds because wild horses have a hard time being submissive.
The positive impact of this transit will help us all be more generous and defensive of others. We will blindly side with those we love. Plus, we’ll be more apt to share huge declarations of love. Don’t forget Venus in Sagittarius has an over the top energy that will expand our emotions x 100. It’s time to go big or go home (metaphorically, of course) in all romantic matters. The heart has no limits and boundaries, which could mean that many people will impulsively jump into partnerships without thinking about the repercussions of their actions or what the future holds. All that matters is now and what the heart desires in this moment.
We may hurt others with our words if we aren’t careful. The result could sting others. So, don’t immediately shoot from the hip or attack people you care about before they express and explain themselves. More often than not, Venus in Sagittarius jumps to conclusions and goes for the jugular to ensure that they don’t get hurt first. This defence mechanism can leave wounds, as the truth mixed with piercing words is their weapon of choice. Listen before speaking and think about what you want to articulate before communicating. If you need to take a moment to calm down when angered, then do so. The combustible energy could need some cooling down before it’s able to be clear in their desires. 
Important dates to pay attention to during Venus’s journey through Sagittarius are: December 1, when Venus and Mars retrograde in Gemini oppose each other and heighten our prowess. December 4, when Neptune in Pisces squares Venus, making us more sentimental and lovelorn than usual. December 9, when Venus shares a fraught aspect with its planetary ruler, Jupiter (who is in Pisces) expanding our compassionate nature and urging us to give our all to others. The heart has no limits on December 1, 4, and 9. Therefore, we’ll be going into the holiday season without any Grinchy vibes. 
Overall, we’re in for a fun time. There may be some tense moments, but the vibe will be joyous.  Use the energy to create excitement with your current partner or crush. Go to a museum, take a day trip, or a restaurant you haven’t been to before. Move out of the mundane and into the new. These activities will help us to embrace the wanderlust vibes and passionate energy that inspires positivity and optimism in relationships. Live and live in the moment! Don’t look back — only look forward. Love your co-pilot footloose and fancy-free, bbs! 

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