This Astrological Aspect Might Explain Why You’re Such A Flirt

Photographed by Renell Medrano.
You mastered the smize at birth. You've got a mile-wide playful streak. Sure, some might call you a "flirt," but you'd prefer to think you're just good with people. If you count yourself among the social butterflies who can't help but leave a party with half a dozen phone numbers, you just may have a very specific point in your astrological birth chart: Venus in Gemini.
As you might already know, your Venus sign plays an important role in your love life. But, in addition to how it affects your current relationships, the love planet can influence how you find your way into new partnerships, too. In other words, the sign that Venus was in when you were born determines how you interact with a crush. You can be a captivating potential mate with any Venusian placement, but those with Venus in Gemini have earned themselves a bit of a reputation within the Zodiac as masterful flirts. And we need only look a little closer at this sign to understand why.
Gemini is ruled by the planet of communication, Mercury, which is why most Gems seem to be blessed with the gift of gab. Plus, as an air sign, Geminis are naturally light-hearted and socially adaptable (if you've ever witnessed a Gemini move seamlessly from group to group at a large event, you'll know what we mean). Thanks to this sign's charisma and outgoing nature, Venus is right at home in it.
Having Venus in Gemini means you probably don't take introductions too seriously — finding your One True Love is rarely top-of-mind for you. You love asking questions and are known for taking conversations off in strange and enlightening directions. This makes you easy to get to know, but some may find it difficult to scratch past your charming surface. Of course, you're probably too busy chatting up someone else to worry about getting deep with any one person.
But, keep in mind this is still only one point on your chart, and no single point is the be-all, end-all for an area of your life. Your rising sign (which rules your first impressions) and your Mercury sign (which influences your communication style) can affect how you behave on dates, while your Mars sign has a thing or two to say about the objects of your physical attraction.
If you think there's a chance you have Venus in Gemini, we recommend looking up your birth chart to be sure, perhaps right before a blind date — it just might be the confidence boost you need.

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