3 Easy Vegan Recipes To Make For Lunch This Week

For everyone that's still working from home, it's likely you've just fully given up on lunch by the point. Unless you live by a Pret. In which case you've probably just gone back to buying it every day.
The real key to nailing lunches is meal prep. Which might sound like a weird thing to do if you're literally working in your kitchen but, as vegans especially will know, meal prep is the key to everything. Because while some food outlets have wholeheartedly embraced stocking ingredients that are common in vegan food, it's unlikely you'll have time on your lunch to get there when you realise you're out of tofu.
To make sure you have delicious weekday lunches then, it's probably easiest to batch-cook on a Sunday.
Luckily, book Happy Food from blogger and chef Bettina Campolucci Bordi is packed full of actually yum vegan recipes for all sorts of occasions. We picked our favourite lunch options from the book for you to try out – just choose the number of days you need each lunch for and make enough to cover you.
Click through for some delicious lunch options.

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