The Best NYE Kisses In TV And Film

One of the best New Year's Eves I ever had was taking my Mum out for dinner because she was miserable after a break up. We argued before the second course, she cried, and we were in bed by 10 past midnight. I'm not boring and I don't generally get off on other people's misery, it was just really nice to eschew the usual NYE pressure to saunter up to someone and snog them at the strike of twelve – preferably while wearing a sexy spaghetti strap dress and some kind of glittery eyeshadow that you would never wear at any other time of year.

The best New Years are those that work out serendipitously – the ones that break with convention and find magic in their own strangeness or surprise. Here, we look back on some New Year's Eve kisses from TV and film. Some were typically "perfect" – that is to say, romantic – and some... not so much. Hopefully they'll help you decide who you want to kiss as you see in 2016; your crush, your friend, or your miserable mum.

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