The Insta Accounts Calling Out All Those Unoriginal Travel Bloggers

Photographed by Dan Cook
If anyone has a spare couple of minutes and fancies having a go at getting big on Instagram then I'm going to let you in on the easiest gap in the market to fill, ever.
Instagram accounts parodying the travel world are remarkably few and far between. It's remarkable because travel is almost certainly when we're at our most basic. Remember that picture a few weeks ago when a guy managed to capture three separate men taking the same image of their three separate girlfriends on a Thai beach? Remember hot dogs or legs? Remember this video, made just six months ago, which proves beyond all doubt that we are incapable of going on holiday without taking pictures of the exact same thing as everyone else? Parodying Millennials and Gen-Z in travelling mode on Instagram has got to be the easiest thing to do ever... right?
It is for this reason that a fairly new (established in June now with 152k followers) account Insta_Repeat has made such a splash. Taking pictures from various outdoorsy type travel bloggers, the anonymous owner pulls the images together to show how many similar pics are taken and posted over and over again. From the Girlfriend Taking In The Stunning View Wearing A Fedora Hat shot to the Unattended Campfire On National Park Land snap, it's enough to make any Instagram user check themselves.
The truth is of course that most travel Instagram accounts are SO SERIOUS. We're meant to go on holiday to have fun, to explore, have the time of our lives and yet, as a generation we're cementing our legacy as travellers who can't go to the beach without waxing lyrical about how #blessed we are to interact with Mother Nature in her purest form, or take a trek in the mountains without posting a picture comparing the peak to the infinite highs this journey called life can give us.
There are, of course, other accounts like @Insta_Repeat that poke fun at the earnest traveller – click through to find the best ones here – but do let us know if you're aware of any others, or if you start one yourself. Goodness knows we need it.

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