Tinder’s 2019 Dating Trends Are In – & They’re Pretty Revealing

Photo: Lauren Maccabee
As anyone's who's tried it will know, online dating is a minefield – and frankly, a bit of an effort. We should all be tweaking our dating profiles at least once a week, an expert says, in order to boost our position on the apps and appear intriguing to as many prospective partners as possible.
Because of this, Tinder's end-of-year trends report is definitely worth checking out, if only to gather inspo for your next profile update. According to the app, "real" was the most used term in Tinder bios this year, followed by "lit" and "cause" or "mission".
"Stan" and "tea" – presumably as in "spill the tea", not a cup of English Breakfast – were also super-popular on bios.
Tinder users from "Generation Z" – people aged between 18 and 24 – were more likely to mention causes or missions in their bio. Millennials aged 25 and over were more likely to mention travel and adventure.
We're often told to keep politics out of dating, at least to begin with, but some younger daters seem to be rebelling against this trad advice. Tinder said that Generation Z users were more likely than millennials to mention the incredibly polarising Boris Johnson and Theresa May in their bios.
Tinder also revealed that Glasgow is the UK city which experienced the biggest rise in swipes this year, followed by Birmingham, Liverpool, London and Leicester.
Swipes also snowballed in Sheffield, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Leeds and Hull.
Lewis Capaldi, Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande were among the most mentioned pop artists, as was zeitgeist-grabbing Lizzo. Game of Thrones was another hot trending topic, perhaps fuelled by its much-discussed season finale.
Oh, and Tinder said that use of the "facepalm" emoji spiked this year, which can't help feeling pretty appropriate in the light of the current political situation both in the UK and globally.

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