TikTok’s Beer Poster Challenge Is A Whole Summer Mood

Photographed by Eylül Aslan
TikTok loves a viral photo challenge, and the latest one to pop off is definitely fit for a hot girl summer.
It's called the Beer Poster Challenge and it involves posting a photo of yourself that looks like a beer poster from back in the day. It's a bit like last year's Vogue challenge, but swapping fashion for, well, Heineken.
Many #BeerPosterChallenge TikToks feature creators in swimwear – because that's models in old-school (and sometimes pretty sexist) beer posters would wear.
However, it goes without saying that you can do the Beer Poster Challenge wearing whatever you want. As this example from TikTok creator @iambornqueen demonstrates, any kind of easy-breezy summer look works just as well.
TikTok trends can't always be easily explained – who knows why pesto eggs became a thing? – but this one does seem to tap into our collective mood. During the pandemic, many of us swapped international holidays for staycations – if we were lucky enough to get away at all – and it looks like travel is going to be restricted for the foreseeable future.
With this in mind, it's definitely fun to reimagine yourself as the glamorous star of a beachy ad campaign from the '80s. It's a little taste of Malibu even if you're stuck in Manchester or New Malden for the next few months.

Reply to @1990lineman you ask you shall receive ##beerposterchallenge

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And thankfully, the challenge is really easy to do. You just need to upload a photo of yourself to an editing app like PicsArt, then pick one of the many different beer stickers it offers – anything from Budweiser to Fast & Furious's signature brand, Corona. You can then add as many filters as you like, save the edited photo, then share it on TikTok.
And that's literally it – you're done. Who needs a beach holiday anyway?

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