TikTok’s #DatingWrapped Is The End Of Year Trend We Can Get Behind

Photographed by Serena Brown
Spotify Wrapped has been and gone – it's all about TikTok's #DatingWrapped trend now.
As of Sunday, the #DatingWrapped hashtag has amassed more than 12 million views as creators worldwide share the brutal truth about their recent romantic history.
The trend was kickstarted by 27-year-old Alexandria McLean, who posts on TikTok as @alexandriathemediocre. "To start off, I went on 21 first dates — yikes," she says in her video, which has now been liked more than 165,000 times. "I met 66% on Bumble and 33% on Hinge. Zero in real life."
McLean goes on to give a breakdown of the type of dates she went on, including coffee dates, drinks dates and walking dates. "I don’t know why I went on so many walking dates. I hate walking dates," she says in the video. "I don't know why men think I'm a dog. I'm not."
She also reveals how many first dates led to a second date – and how many led to hanging out more regularly. "If we get past date number two, we're basically married," she says jokingly after realising she had more than five meet-ups with a surprising number of people.
It's easy to see why the #DatingWrapped trend has really captured people's attention – who doesn't love sharing the nitty-gritty of their dating life, warts and all?
"Saying that I went on 21 dates, it seems like a crazy number, but it actually isn't," McLean told Buzzfeed. "It's also just really fun to explain your dating life, because the people who have been in relationships for so long have no idea about what dating apps are like now."
In fact, the trend has caught on to such an extent that in her #DatingWrapped, best-selling author @thechloegong notes that "everyone and their mother" is doing it now.
If you're in the mood for a deep dive into dating, you can also check out Tinder's dating predictions for 2023. These include a rise in the number of long-distance relationships and a greater focus on setting romantic boundaries, which can only be a good thing. Happy swiping.

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