The Most Peaceful Villages In The UK When You Need A Break From The City

We all know that city life can be intense and stressful – sometimes a few hours spent in one of London's admittedly pretty lovely beer gardens just isn't enough to take the edge off.
And with Brexit and climate change anxiety playing on all our minds, the temptation to make a proper escape and spend a few days somewhere off-the-grid is becoming ever greater. And while the pandemic continues to restrict movement and change any holiday plans, you can still (carefully) travel within the UK.
So a new list of the UK's most tranquil villages compiled by furniture makers Arlo & Jacob is most definitely welcome.
Various factors were taken into account in making the list: the village's population, the number of miles from its nearest major city, its number of rentable cottages and the number of times it was described as "beautiful" in a selection of travel articles.
This slideshow has pictures of the top 10 complete with their "tranquility score" out of 100. As you'll find out, just looking at these villages is kind of soothing.

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