10 Eco-Friendly Fashion Instagram Accounts To Follow Now

Illustration by Ezra W. Smith Via @fash_rev
Our overconsumption is destroying the planet and we need to readdress our relationship with fashion. As Vivienne Westwood says: "Buy less, choose well and make it last." Yet while we're all in agreement (it's 2020 and none of you needs convincing that sustainability is good), it's fair to say that the movement has its problems.
From those dismissing fast fashion without considering economic barriers to the whitewashing of fashion activism and the co-opting of the movement by fast fashion retailers, sustainability isn't black and white. In fact, thanks to greenwashing and information overload, it's getting harder and harder to understand.
But fear not, eco-conscious wannabes: a slew of platforms and people are aiming to untangle all the information you need to make better choices. From the woman decolonising sustainability to the educational nonprofit that kick-started it all, via the self-confessed "recovering hypocrite", here are the Instagram accounts you should follow to make your feed more eco-friendly.

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