How To Get Storage Space In A Small Bedroom

Living in a city, especially if you're in a shared house, means that your bedroom is probably the size of a large-ish cupboard. As a result, you're lucky if you can fit a double bed in there, let alone store all the rest of your stuff. And if you've got a messy room, how the hell are you meant to have the blissful night's sleep that you intended?
Luckily, with a bit of forward-thinking, you can implement some super-easy storage solutions to make your clutter a thing of the past.
First up, make sure you're utilising that dead space behind your door. Invest in some over-the-door hooks, et voilà – another place to hang your scarves, coats and belts. In fact, make sure you're using all the awkward space in your room. That nook in the wall? Not just an awkward indent too small for your chest of drawers – nah, it's actually a prime space to hang a rail and create another wardrobe.
Also, make sure you're getting under your bed. Invest in some under-bed wardrobes as shoe storage, or as a place to leave winter clothes when it's too hot to wear them.
Finally, and most importantly, get some snazzy boxes to dump your clutter in. We've all got clutter – we're only human – but guess what, it doesn't count as clutter if it's stored in a nice neat box. Genius.
Check out this video from IKEA to see the tips in action.

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