There’s Actually A Trick To Wearing Long Sleeves (Don’t Laugh — It Works!)

To the uninitiatied, styling tip stories might seem like an absurdist art project: "How To Wear A Shirt," "How To Wear Layers," "How To Wear A Belt," which were all stories we've recently done. It's like, Don't you just put it on?

Okay, killjoys, sure. You just put on clothes and get an outfit in the same way you just mash together ingredients in a bowl and get a salad. But there's always nuance, personal preference, and that little thing called style; your favorite salad looks a whole lot different than a sad salad you struggle through at lunch, even though both of them technically include lettuce.
This was a very long exposition to compensate for the fact that I felt silly writing this headline. Yes, you wear long sleeves by putting both arms through them. But as I've been going through the Refinery29 street style library, I've been noticing that some very stylish women have taken care to wear their long-sleeves in a deliberately long, wrist-kissing way, peeking out from underneath outer layers. The era of pushing up your sleeves might be over. Click through to see what the sleeve-peek can do for your outfit.

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