The Skinny On Shopping For Skinny Jeans

Update: This post was originally published on April 18, 2015 .
There's much to be said for skinny jeans that fit you like a glove. Our wardrobe would be in a sad state of affairs without at least one tapered pair that hugs our frame (and our bum!) just so. Over time and with frequent wear, though, even a "perfect" pair of jeans can fall prey to sagging, bagging, and fading. To help troubleshoot these dilemmas and extend the life of your denim, we talked with the field experts at Paige, AYR, DL1961, and American Eagle Outfitters for the real skinny on our skinnies.
Whether your issue is knee fabric that's irreversibly stretched out, denim that's too tight fresh out of the dryer, faded rinses, or a host of others, we grilled the experts for tips and tricks to combat 'em. We found tons of flattering, functional styles to shop along the way, too. Click your way to that perfect pair, ahead.