Sigrid Has The Best Skin — & These Simple Scandi Hacks Are Why

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It's not often you come across a celebrity with a wholly uncomplicated beauty routine. They might extol the virtues of tinctures whipped up especially for them by professional facialists or reel off tens of eye-wateringly expensive products you can only buy in certain clinics. It's safe to say that Sigrid's routine is a lot more pared back.
The Norwegian singer-songwriter is adored, first and foremost, for her Scandipop. She also has incredible skin. Her signature beauty style hasn't really changed since she burst onto the scene: glowing skin in all the right places and a beautiful, healthy flush with her natural freckles shining through.
Sigrid may have British makeup artist Gabriella Floyd on hand to add these perfecting touches but more than anything she relies on good (and actually very easy) skincare practices. It's why she was tapped to be the new face of Simple.
Here are all the Scandi hacks Sigrid swears by for a clear, healthy complexion all year round.

Efficiency is key (and cold water is your skin's best friend)

"I try and do my skincare as quick as possible, as I'm so busy all the time," Sigrid tells R29. "Every day I wake up, drink some water, I go to the bathroom and wash my face — and I have very dry skin, so just wash my face with water. I think cold water is really good for your skin in particular, especially swimming in it — it's even really good for my mental health, too. Then I just put on some moisturiser."
In the evening, if she's wearing makeup, she opts for biodegradable wipes. "I love to use the Simple Kind to Skin Biodegradable Cleansing Wipes, £3.65, to get rid of my makeup. These wipes changed my life because they're so quick. Then I use a simple cleanser and I moisturise before bed."

Invest in a portable facial steamer

A quick dip in the freezing cold fjord and some time in the sauna is Sigrid's ultimate way to unwind, with the hot and cold benefiting her skin. When she doesn't have access to either on tour, she swears by a portable facial steamer.
"I use vocal steamers, which soothe my vocal cords, several times a week — and that's my skincare routine, too. I take my makeup off, wash my face and steam before moisturiser. I think it does wonders for my skin. It really opens up your pores and my skin looks super glowy so I always go back to it. All you do is put your head into this funnel, which you can't see anything through so you just have to sit there and steam and not be on your phone for 10 minutes. It's relaxing for the mind but also the skin, and it's a good little nighttime thing to do."
Try the Umi Facial Steamer, £31.99, or the REAKOO Facial Steamer Nano Ionic Face Steamer, £19.99, which has added moisturising benefits.

Leave your breakouts well alone

It can be tempting to pop and pick spots but going overboard can lead to scarring, dry skin and hyperpigmentation, which is difficult to shift. Sigrid's way of dealing with breakouts is dermatologist-approved. "If I have a pimple, I just try my best not to touch it. When I'm not covering it with a little concealer, I saw a good TikTok hack: moisturising the area as much as you can!"
Zapping the area of moisture using drying lotions can prolong the duration of the spot and increase the potential for lasting redness or skin staining. So moisture is key.

Facial massage is the minimalist's answer to blush

Sigrid isn't the biggest fan of heavy makeup. One smart hack she learned from the experts who treat her skin before a performance is something of a game-changer on her minimal days. "I love doing a little face massage. It brings out the natural colours in your skin so you don't have to wear that much makeup — it's basically natural blush, as it gets the blood flowing in your skin." Sigrid just uses her fingers. "It's really simple and I always do this when I've put on my moisturiser as a primer."
To enhance her glow, Sigrid's makeup artist Gabriella Floyd is known to prep skin with a mixture of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré, £19.99, and Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm For Lips, £12.

Always wear a high factor sunscreen (and find the right one for your skin type)

Sigrid believes wholeheartedly in two skincare rules. Firstly, getting as much fresh air as possible. "This sounds stupid but I'm lucky enough to have lots of fresh air where I live." Growing up, she applied sunscreen religiously — even when cloudy. "I can't always stay out of the sun but I always wear sunscreen. I even steal it from my band. My guitarist brought this really great sunscreen on tour one day and it was a spray, which was really nice. I could put it over my makeup and it wouldn't show — I liked it so much. I probably have five or six sunscreens at home and I'm trying to use them up. Because I have quite fair skin, I opt for a high factor of SPF 30 to 50."
Try Simple Protect 'N' Glow Radiance Booster SPF 30, £7.99, or Escentual Sunscreen SPF50+, £8.95. If you're prone to breakouts like Sigrid, opt for an oil-free or non-comedogenic (less likely to clog pores) sunscreen.

Hydration is key

"The best skincare advice is probably from my mum and that's to drink enough water. It's a boring one but it works." Sigrid won't forgo the moisturiser but for an added hydration boost she carries around a face mist. "The stress of travelling, air-con on board tour buses and flights...they all affect my skin. But I love a good face mist and I bought one just yesterday. I love to spray and mist during flights or when it's hot, and now and then I'll do a little hydrating mask — just any one that you can buy at a supermarket!"

Forgo the makeup at home

On her days off, Sigrid ditches the makeup as often as she can. "I prefer skincare over makeup because I want to feel as free as possible. I hate worrying about whether my lipstick has smudged so my top tip is to not wear makeup as much as possible. I like to not use anything and to give my skin a break."
Skincare is something of an act of wellness for Sigrid, too. "Sometimes I like the self-care you get from spending more time on your skincare. But equally, after a show or a festival, I'd rather wipe my makeup off as soon as possible and head into the crowd to see a band than bother with a 15-step skincare routine."
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