How To Flaunt Your Freckles This Summer

Photographed by Lauren Perlstein.
Whether you have year-round speckles or just a light sprinkle, your freckles always look best when you embrace them. “There’s something refreshing and real about freckles. It’s a sign of youthfulness,” says Daniel Martin, a celebrity makeup artist for Dior. But freckles aren’t just cute, they’re sexy-without-trying-too-hard, too. Any doubt and look at Victoria Secret bombshell Erin Heatherton’s signature smattering.
No wonder the fashion world is also celebrating the natural — and surprisingly versatile — look. Faux freckles have been popping up on the runways to complement the no-makeup effect, and were used as a strategy to play down dramatic flourishes. “Freckles make everything else you do, whether it’s a lip or strong feline eye, look a bit more effortless,” says Hannah Murray, a makeup artist and Topshop beauty consultant.
And while sun-kissed spots are trending, makeup tricks to make them shine have been a little less forthcoming. (Hey, it wasn’t so long again when freckles were erased with full-coverage makeup or Photoshop.) Luckily, that’s about to change! Read on for some expert-approved methods to enhance your skin while maintaining your beauty marks. And, if you don’t have freckles but wish you did, keep reading. There’s a crazy-easy trick to fake 'em here for you, too.

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