Spot-On: 6 Women Share Why They Love Their Freckles

The beauty industry has a fraught relationship with freckles. While plenty of designers have started to embrace them on the runways and many celebrities are proudly displaying theirs, some people are still anti-spot. And, unfortunately, they're often the ones who were born with them. In fact, some have gone so far as to cosmetically remove theirs — a procedure that cropped up in England last year.
We're not about cosmetic surgery-shaming, but we are about loving and accepting anything that makes you you — and freckles fall into that category. So we decided to ask a few freckled ladies why they love their spots. For most of them, the journey to self-acceptance actually started from a place of discomfort. But, over time, they've learned to celebrate their skin.
Ahead, six inspiring women share their stories and prove that freckles are not something to hide — they're something to be celebrated.

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