6 Smart Ways To Store Your Shoes

Shoes. The ultimate wardrobe revamp-er, the best pick-me-up known to woman, the ultimate pay day treat. No wonder we obsess, lust after, and collect them – and it's no surprise either that our wardrobes and cupboards are crammed full of them. It’s all very well if you have a walk-in wardrobe like Manolo uber-fan Carrie Bradshaw, but what are the rest of us mere mortals supposed to do with our shoe hoards? Even the most streamlined ‘one outfit’ women have probably acquired more pairs than they know what to do with over the years – after all, shoes are perhaps the only thing in your wardrobe that’ll fit you your whole life (depressing, but true). Part with them? Never! We’d rather live life like an episode of The Hoarder Next Door than sacrifice them. Thankfully, that won’t be necessary, as we’ve rounded up six stylish ways to store your shoes. Walk this way…
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Photo: Courtesy of A Pair & A Spare
This one requires a little DIY, but it’s worth it for the smug satisfaction that comes from completing something that you’ve crafted with your own fair hand. Follow the tutorial by A Spare And A Pair, or if you’re not one for donning tools, just lean a single ladder against a wall and hook your heels over the rungs.
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Photo: Courtesy of Burkatron
So simple, you’ll wonder why you’d never thought of it before, this shoe grid is a genius hack using a ready-made material you can pick up at your local DIY store. It’s slim enough to fit behind doors and in tight corners of your flat – you could even use it to keep sunglasses, scarves etc, too. Just a word of warning though – it’s not going to work if you’re a flats/wedge kinda woman.
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Photo: Courtesy of Muuto
Kick off your shoes straight into these open boxes when you get home. A modular box system like this Stacked series by Scandi brand Muuto is a flexible solution for small spaces – and you can add elements on as your hoard grows. Because let’s face it, it’s going to happen.
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Photo: Courtesy of IKEA
Any type of storage on wheels is a winner in our book, so Ikea’s versatile Råskog trolley now has yet another use – a shoe trolley (obvs). Use it in the hall or bedroom to channel an industrial-chic vibe. It’s right up there with our other favourite trollies (drinks, dessert and cheese in case you needed to ask).
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Photo: Courtesy of Therese Winberg
It may seem obvious, but shoe lovers shouldn’t overlook the humble shelf. A neatly curated edit of your ‘essential’ pairs goes from looking cluttered to pleasingly organised once elevated off the floor and lined up across a shelf (or five).
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Photo: Courtesy of IKEA
But if you prefer to keep your worn out Nikes hidden out of sight, under the bed storage is what’s required. Maximise every inch of space and keep your whole collection within easy reach by installing a drawer on wheels under your bed. Attach some casters to Ikea’s Veddinge kitchen door, or use a piece of MDF or an old palette crate.

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