Sally4Ever Is The Filthiest Thing On TV Right Now

It's about time we had a disgustingly funny TV show to lift our increasingly gloomy nights in, don't you think? Enter Julia Davis – a gift to television and the reason for that pleasantly painful post-laugh ache in your side.
We've had Nighty Night, we've had Camping and we'll forever hold on to her beloved Gavin and Stacey character, Dawn, but at this present moment Davis is back with Sally4Ever, a new dark and dirty comedy airing this evening. It's about a timid woman called Sally (played by Peep Show's Catherine Shepherd) who has been with her lacklustre fiancé David (Alex Macqueen from The Inbetweeners) for 10 years. In the trailer we learn he's pissed off about being told he's boring, predictable and that his penis is too small. Sally assures him that she didn't say "too small", just that "she couldn't feel anything"...
And so, Sally wants out. Emma (Davis' character) is daring, charismatic and offers an alternative to the tepid monotony of Sally's earlier life. For better or worse, we're not too sure – but Emma is an unpredictable and wildly funny singer/actress with whom Sally's quickly enamoured and anyway, we're here for the lols, not the logistics. Awkward calamity ensues, as does plenty of weirdly aggressive sex between the two of them.
They couldn't be more opposite, of course, which is where both the charm and humour in their unlikely pairing as a romantic couple plays out. Fans of Davis' comedies know better than to expect any remotely sexy sex scenes, though. In their place you'll find an incident with a bloody tampon, a nude photo of Emma mooning a teddy bear and a bout of merciless flatulence from someone with coeliac disease. Yep, Davis' comedic sweet spot is the type of humour that'll make you cringe in both delight and despair.
Prepare for boundaries to be pushed in ways you probably won't admit to wanting to witness. From the outrageous to the almost too relatably obscene, rest assured you'll be in good (if you want to call it that) hands. Watch the full trailer for Sally4Ever below to get a taste of what you're in for.
Sally4Ever airs on Sky Atlantic and Now TV on Thursday 25th October at 10pm

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