Meet The Women Who Have No Time For Your Status Quo

Hands up if you've ever felt lost.
Well, you're not alone. Even though we are by now meant to be fully fledged adults, it goes without saying that growing up is tough. Especially when you're trying to hear your own voice among outside influences.
PUMA's new campaign, Do You, is about ignoring those outside pressures. It encourages you to be yourself and to call on your inner strength to do so. It would be so boring if we were all the same, wouldn't it? So why not celebrate what makes us different?
To get inspiration, we spoke to three excellent women who have done just that: followed their inner voices and had their own Do You moments. Read on to find out how they found their path, what their 'power pose' is all about and, crucially, how we can all try to do the same.
Tia Ward is a lifestyle blogger and YouTuber who talks candidly about topics such as relationships and single mums. She is all about spreading positivity and encouraging people to be themselves.
What does "Do You" mean to you?
It means being completely comfortable with yourself and understanding that you are the only "you" here. It’s better to be the best version of yourself than the second-rate version of somebody else. If we took the time to love ourselves a little bit more, we’d appreciate the things that make us imperfectly perfect.
That makes total sense. Have there been any points in your life where you did do things to try and fit in?
Oh my God, 100%! I have one green eye and one half-green, half-brown eye and I used to buy brown contact lenses to be like the other girls. And I think now, "How silly was that?" Because now people stop me and they’re like, “Oh my God your eyes are amazing!” But when I was a kid I thought I was weird, I thought I was an alien.
How do you apply the "Do You" mantra to your everyday life?
I really try to get the message out across my platforms that it’s okay to be yourself. That you don’t have to aspire to be like anyone else, just aspire to be the best version of you. For me that means doing right by other people, not compromising your core values or the things that you want to do.
In terms of your career, did you ever feel pressured to go down a so-called "normal" route?
Oh yeah, I’m from an ethnic family: “Education is the key out of poverty”. My gran was very against me doing this, she didn’t understand it. So for me, the battle was explaining to my parents that I wasn’t going to be happy in a 9-5 and that I wanted to do something more creative.
So was that a moment for you when you were like… “I’m gonna do me” ?
Yeah! Coming from a West Indian background, there was so much pressure to be a doctor or a lawyer, an accountant. I chose a subject at uni that I didn’t enjoy because of pressure from my parents. The advice I would love to spread is that you don’t have to do what your parents tell you to do. For me, that is the surefire way to be unhappy. They have your best interests at heart, but that doesn’t always mean they’re right. And that goes for your friends, your boyfriend, everyone… You have to sit and listen to your inner voice at all times.
We captured you doing your "power pose". How does it make you feel?
Your physical presence means so much. You can feel terrible, but if you roll your shoulders back and you stand up tall… Fake it ‘til you make it. If you smile, your body takes on that persona. That was what that pose was all about. The foot tapping is like, you know I’m patient but I’m inpatient, patiently waiting for what’s for me! But I’m still ready to just hit the road running and go grab it.
Charlotte de Carle started her career as a model before becoming a presenter and DJ who never takes anything too seriously – check her Instagram account for proof.
What does "Do You" mean to you?
It’s being completely true to yourself because there’s no point living in someone else’s shadow. I don’t believe in categories, because every person is an individual, that’s why we’re called individuals!
What was the moment you learned to apply this attitude to your life?
I’ve always been a tomboy. At school I got taunted for wanting to wear a football kit to school and not being particularly feminine. So I started to dress more feminine, but as soon as I started to do that and trying to be interested in makeup and all the things that I thought I should be into, I just wasn’t.
My parents were super-supportive and were like, "If you want to wear a tracksuit, do it". So I got changed, went to school, didn’t have any makeup on. I just completely stripped back and it’s one of the best feelings I’ve had. It was me being completely raw. Although I got the piss taken out of me, it was one of my most defining days and I haven’t looked back from that point. I’d never dress for other people, I dress for myself.
Definitely. What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?
My mum is always really good with advice. She said “You can’t please everyone. So please yourself.” Obviously I don’t mean completely ignoring everyone or being selfish but personal happiness is high on my radar. If you make yourself happy, you’re a happier person, people are happier to be around you. It’s kind of a knock-on effect.
You do lots of different jobs…
Too many jobs!
Have you ever felt pressured in your career?
When I moved to London to try modelling, some modelling agencies were pushy. They told me I had to wear dresses and high heels to everything, so I had to struggle with that again. I wasn’t allowed to talk, you were meant to be seen but not heard, which was incredibly frustrating. So that’s when I got into presenting because I realised I could have a voice. When I started going to lots of nice parties I realised I didn’t like the types of music the DJs played, so I taught myself to DJ!
Talk me through your "power pose".
It’s a foot coming down to crush me and then, because I really don’t care, I’m flicking it off. So it’s one of those scenarios where it’s like "haters gonna hate – you Do You" essentially. Own it!
Fiona Jane fuses her creative passions as a DJ, Stylist and Creative Consultant. Her lifestyle platform, Spotding, was one of the first Danish fashion blogs.
What does PUMA's "Do You" ethos mean to you?
Do what you love! I've spent maybe too long trying to fit in the right job or thinking you need to do certain things and not being satisfied. I really believe that you should really follow your own feeling, your intuition.
I was happy when I accepted that I’m supposed to be myself, be creative, be free and that is where I’m the happiest. That is where I can express my creativity in different ways and that is what I want to do.
How do you apply this to your everyday life?
I’m quite visual so I have [mood]boards, like brainstorms. So every morning I can see, okay this is what you are, this is what you are going for. For example, my main focus is the music right now, the DJ-ing, and the next two months is dedicated only to that. You kind of make a strategy that helps you stay focused.
What would you say to your younger self who maybe wasn’t as confident in their journey?
Wow... "Life is not as complicated as you think." I’ve been very good at complicating it. Life is quite simple, you’re good as you are. Do what you feel you have to do. Always be nice. Just work hard. Yeah it’s quite simple actually!
I think everyone is good at doing that! Could you talk me through how your "power pose" makes you feel?
It definitely helps when I wake up in the morning, like looking in the mirror and saying [clicks] "You’re awesome!" I think it’s important to kind of look at yourself, appreciate yourself, be happy with yourself, be grateful for what you’ve got. You boost yourself by looking yourself in the mirror and that can help to start your day in a positive way.
How would you advise us to apply this going forward?
Just stay on top of your game, not lean too much back, "Ohhh just go on holiday for a week". No no no, because immediately you can lose momentum [clicks]. I feel like I have my momentum, so it’s about keeping it. I think that’s in any job, if you feel like you’re on a good path, every small step you learn and then suddenly it flows. Yeah, and you realise you’re doing you!

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