Meet The Dads Who Talk Like Mums (We Found Them At The PTA)

As the daughters of fathers, let us say a thing about dads: We love them even though they sometimes make us want to rip our hair out. That goes for our own partners who statistically don’t do enough laundry, enough dishes, enough permission-slip management, enough sunscreen-slathering, enough snack-packing, or enough birthday-present shopping. And yet they are glorified for everything, from dad bods to ugly dad pants, for cleaning up poo-covered rooms to remaining calm when their kids crash a live TV appearance.
But seriously, it’s Father’s Day so we don’t really want say they don’t deserve a little recognition. Because the fact is, while most dads still think women are better at all things related to child-rearing, there are a growing number of men who give us hope for the future. These are the guys who tote diaper bags, schlep strollers to play groups, and spend their Saturday morning social hour at the playground. These are also the guys who join the PTA and school groups, and encourage others dads to buck gender stereotypes and start volunteering.
Just like us, these dads want it all. Let’s celebrate it!

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