What Really Pisses You Off, Based On Your Sign

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
Avid horoscope reader that you are, you're always tracking the progress of your sun sign. But your lesser-known signs are also worth getting to know. From your ever-so-private moon sign to your outgoing rising sign to your flirtatious Venus sign, other celestial bodies (and where they fall in your birth chart) reveal whole new sides of your personality.
In kind, you can learn a lot from your Mars sign (the sign that Mars was in at the moment of your birth). For instance, Mars can clue you into what motivates you, how you move through the world, and even what you're like in bed. But you probably feel the influence of your Mars sign most often when you get annoyed.
Mars determines your pet peeves, dislikes, and even what you flat-out hate. But this fiery planet doesn't stop there — it also rules how you react to these bothersome things. In other words, you have your Mars sign to thank (or blame) if you yell, break stuff, or brood when you're pissed off.
Ahead, we're taking a closer look at what grinds each Mars sign's gears the most — and how they deal with that frustration — with help from the work of astrologer Annie Heese and our very own Astrotwins. If you don't already know your Mars sign, you can find out by reading your birth chart (we're partial to this online generator). Then read on — just remember to watch your temper.

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