Food Professionals Share Their Favourite No-Cook Recipes For Summer

photographed by Alice Gao; appearance by Ana Abramcyk.
Many of us have relied on our own kitchens to rustle up delicious home cooked meals for well over a year now. But when you're living in a tiny rented flat with unreliable air conditioning, simply turning on the oven during the summer months can make you feel as though you're going to burst into flames — or at the very least get sweat in the dish you're cooking. Even those who have a bit more space usually aren't interested in a hot, hearty meal during the scorching days of summer. Instead, we're looking for delicious no-cook dishes that will leave us refreshed and satisfied. That's why we talked to five chefs and cookbook authors to find out which no-cook recipes they find themselves turning to the most in summer.
Ahead, you'll find 10 recipes from food professionals that don't require any cooking whatsoever. From courgetti and spring rolls to salads and ceviche, these dishes are sure to help you not just survive but thrive in the summer heat.

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