Meet Marawa’s Majorettes — London’s Chicest Hula-Hooping Sisterhood

It's time to dust off that cheetah-print bodysuit. Marawa and her Majorettes are taking us on a tour of their eclectic East London neighbourhood, where this badass Hula-hooping sisterhood practices, teaches, and performs its gravity-defying (and circus-worthy) routines. From Kensington Palace to the stages of Paris and Delhi, the Majorettes have stunned festival crowds across the globe with mesmerising synchronised gyrating and Hula-hoop ingenuity — all while twirling in crushed-velvet hot pants and glittery high-heeled roller skates. But don't let the troupe's vampy style overshadow its seriously masterful skills: the Majorettes entertained audiences at London's 2012 Olympic Games, and, in 2013, it broke the world record for the number of hoops spun by a group of 10 (264 rings, FYI). One member of the Majorettes, Dunja, can even swap her hoop for a whirl of barbed wire — though the other members still seem a little nervous about that particular trick. Death-defying props aside, the Majorette's supportive sense of sisterhood is easily the most awesome part of its story. Rosa, whose French has come in handy during the team's extensive travels, notes how participating in the group kickstarted her confidence. "I was very in my shell before I started, and now here I am hooping in my pants in front of people," she explains in the video above. And this self-acceptance doesn't just come from the carefree giddiness that Hula-hooping organically inspires — the team has worked to define the eccentric sport by inclusivity and openness. "Anybody can hoop, any ability, anyone, any size, any age, everyone can Hula-hoop," Obie, another member, says.
It's unsurprising that the Majorettes built a devoted following throughout its community in East London, where Marawa also runs any hoop-fanatic's dream destination, Hooper Market. A tiny nook in Gillett Square, the shop teems with all the bedazzled supplies coveted by Hula-hooping's growing global fanbase. But Hooper Market isn't just for specialists — during business hours, Marawa props a giant fake cactus (What else?) slung with hot-pink rings outside the door so locals can give them a casual spin. The Majorettes also practice in the square, drawing passersby into the fun with hypnotic rhythms and occasional summertime LED-disco parties. With an exuberant emphasis on inclusivity, Marawa's crew is clearly spreading its unique brand of electric joy and self-assurance everywhere it goes, one hoop at a time.

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