The Shower Is The Perfect Quarantine Masturbation Spot

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For those of us not fortunate enough to live alone, coronavirus quarantine may have made of our living situation a bit crowded. So much so that it may be tough to find enough "me time" during your week to masturbate. Because let's face it: It's hard to relax enough to get down and dirty with yourself when you've got one eye and one ear open, worried that someone might overhear you or even walk in on you.
That's why we believe the bathroom — specifically, the shower — is the perfect place to rub one out. "Masturbation in the shower provides a safe space for that private moment," Myisha Battle, certified sex and dating coach, tells Refinery29. More often than not, your bathroom's got a door that locks, and the running water goes a long way toward drowning out any noise. There you have it: the perfect quarantine masturbation spot.
If you're ready to dive in, follow Battle's expert tips for making your next shower sesh a successful one.

Take advantage of your removable shower head

You and your shower head = a tale as old as time. This masturbation method is tried and true, and one you should take advantage enough if you're blessed enough to have a detachable one in your tub or shower stall.
"That's an easy, low-maintenance way to experience fun stimulation without having to bring a toy into the bathroom with you," Battle says. "If privacy is a concern, and you have a shower head like that, it's a quick fix."

Bring along a toy for some fun

Detachable shower head not your cup of tea (or, tragically, not an option in your bathroom)? No worries, there are plenty of great sex toys on the market that are handheld, discreet, and shower-safe. "Whatever your toy or preference is, it can be incorporated into the shower safely if it's is waterproof," Battle explains. Some non-electric glass, plastic, or rubber toys may transition very well from your bedroom to your bathroom — like certain types of anal beads or dildos. But you can even find waterproof vibrators out there, if that's more your speed.
Some toys that are generally H20-safe may come with additional bells and whistles made specifically for water play. There are dildos, for example, that stick to your shower wall via suction cup, Battle says. Just remember to detach it from the wall when you're done if you share a bathroom. Now that would be an uncomfortable quarantine convo.

Work in some lube

If you're into using lube while you masturbate — or want to add it while you're using a toy — skip any water-based types. "Water-based lubes are not ideal for use in the shower because they will quickly run off," Battle explains. A better bet is to use a silicone- or oil-based lube.
If you choose silicone, though, make sure that lube is compatible with your specific toy. "You don't want to use a silicone toy with a silicone lubricant," she says. (The lube could degrade the toy.) And oil-based lubes can often break down condoms or dental dams, so don't use one of those if you use the barrier method for protection.
Also important: Lubes are slippery, and showers can be slippery too, so be ultra careful. If any lubricant gets near your feet, you could risk falling — and that can be super dangerous.

Get in the right position

Your masturbation position will depend on whether you have a shower stall (which may be standing-room only) or a tub (where lying down is an option). Ultimately it's all about whatever feels comfortable for you and your body in the shower. Practice a few different positions to find something that feels good — and, again, doesn't put you at risk of slipping or falling — before really getting down to business.

Watch out for the soap

Soaps may be good for cleansing your skin, but it shouldn’t be going anywhere too close to your private areas. That's especially true if there’s penetration of any kind involved. If you have a vagina, soap could throw off your natural pH, putting you at risk of issues such as yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. Some soaps can irritate the rectum, too. You may even want to masturbate first, and use your soap later, Battle says.
You can still use a great-smelling soap to get yourself in the mood and to self-stimulate, but just avoid touching your genital areas with it while you're masturbating.

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