6 London Brides Share The Secret To The Perfect Wedding

Paul and Linda. Kate and Wills. Charles and Duckface. London loves a good wedding, but bringing one to life is no easy task. Any number of enticing destinations are just a Ryanair or EasyJet flight away. Your mum is insisting on the local vicar, your partner only cares about a riotous stag weekend and a good DJ, and, really, you'd just as soon get it all sorted at the nearest registry office. Is it too late to book a flight to Vegas?
These London-based brides feel your pain. They've all experienced the highs and lows of wedding planning, from sorting the logistics of nuptial destinations as far-flung as Barbados, to planning receptions attended by fire-dancers. In pursuit of their perfect day, they've all honed in on the details that matter (friends, family, an idyllic location) and the ones that don't. And, in the interest of paying it forward, they're sharing their wedding day tips — and beyond dreamy photos — with you.
Read on to get informed and inspired.

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