How To Make Your Room Super Zen

Living in a shared house in a noisy city means it can be hard to get away from the collective bustle and stress weighing everyone down. And after a stressful day, the last thing you need is to come back to a room that's more stressful than the office in which you've just spent the last eight hours.
How on earth, in a room that's more hectic than the inside of your head, are you meant to have an all-important, uninterrupted sleep to help you get out there and deal with it all again tomorrow?
There are a few things you can do to help up the zen of your room, though. For starters, get yourself some greenery from this list of NASA-approved air filtration plants to ensure that your breathing is at tip-top levels.
Next, make sure you get some pink in the room. Studies have found that Baker-Miller Pink can help reduce stress and aggression. While we're at it, eliminate blue-tinted lights, which are likely to keep you awake longer. Instead, opt for lampshades with a copper interior to create a warm glow.
Lastly, and most importantly, get yourself as much window dressing as you can – whether it's thermal curtains or blackout blinds – to block out as much noise and light pollution from outside as possible.
Check out this video from IKEA for more tips.
Et voilà – peace and harmony for a dreamy sleep.

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