All The Hoop Earring Inspiration You’ll Need This Year

In the school yard of your jewellery box, hoop earrings rule the grounds. They’re the confident girls intimidating the goody two-shoes drop-pearls. Basic studs offer to do their homework, alternative helix bars feel boring in comparison and loud clip-ons silly for showing off.
Like cool girls at school, the characteristics that define them as popular will change, but with every new generation the gang is inevitable and guaranteed to make things more interesting (even if that thing is just black jeans, a white tee and a high, three-day-old ponytail.)
Season after season, hoop earrings come back for fashion week. SS16 was no exception, and Versace, Céline, Rag & Bone and Givenchy all featured the metal loops in the form of embellished, enormous, teeny tiny and abstract. On the other side of the story, Topshop, Primark and the pocket-money teen’s favourite jewellery haunt – we're looking at you Argos – are fail safe places to stock up on this year’s hoop collection.
Whether you’re strictly stud only or a low-lobed aficionado, we’ve got all the hoop inspo you need right now. Let’s pay homage to the timeless earring.