We're Going To Be Talking About Homes, Housing & Houseshares All Week

Give a group of millennials a couple of drinks and it's almost guaranteed they'll end up talking about one thing: house prices. We're absolutely obsessed.
Which is why at Refinery29 we've decided, in conjunction with Rightmove, to dedicate a whole week of content to the home; how to buy one, how to decorate it, how to deal with crap flatmates and more. Home Goals is a week of content specifically focussed on millennial housing, written by young people. Because, no, Gareth, avocado toast intake is not intrinsically linked to house ownership so please stop writing that it is.
Obviously, as you've discussed at the pub, houses are expensive. So what are you supposed to do if you've got no money? It's a common problem (avocado toast is very moreish), so we've put together a guide to the tangible things you can do to help get yourself on the property ladder if your pockets are as leaky as your millennial gut.
Coming up later in the week, we're looking at what you can do to make your house more environmentally friendly – because no matter how much Kevin McCloud bangs on about the importance of sustainability, your landlord isn't going to take kindly to you rebuilding the walls of your rented flat with hay bales.
Also, you know those lovely three-page spreads on interior designers' homes in the magazines? Well, we're doing the young person's version of that: celebrating that one corner you've got prepped for Instagram – the one with the least dead house plant, those postcards from the V&A and that fancy (empty) bottle of gin you use as a candlestick holder. Who cares if the rest of the house looks like a scene from Trainspotting – you've done your best to make this corner into something you're proud of and that's what matters (for Instagram anyway).
Even our Money Diary this week is housing themed, featuring a girl who's moving across Manchester, from rented house to rented house. How much did she get the white van for? Did her estate agents make her pay £150 "contract signing fees" (so not a thing)? Find out on Wednesday.
There's plenty more as well, all useful and entertaining (some even both), but you're going to want to make sure you're on fine form for Friday when we take a look back at the most iconic interiors show of all time, Changing Rooms. Handy Andy, Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and a plank of MDF – what could go wrong?

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