We Predict What Happened To The Characters In Four Weddings & A Funeral

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It's been 25 years since Richard Curtis' Four Weddings & A Funeral – the film that launched Hugh Grant, was indirectly responsible for Liz Hurley's Versace safety pin dress, is 23rd on the BFI's 100 greatest British films list and a firm favourite in the nation's "films I like to watch when I'm hungover" category.
Now, it has been announced that the cast will reunite for Red Nose Day next year and star in a new short film written by Richard Curtis himself.
Will the years have been kind to Charles (Grant) and Carrie (Andie MacDowell) who, last we saw, were kissing in the rain after Carrie uttered the single most annoying line in movie history?
What too will have become of the elegant Fiona (Kristin Scott Thomas) and her inexplicable and unrequited love for Charles? And poor Duckface. What did happen after Charles left her weeping at the altar?
Charlotte Coleman, who played Charles' hapless flatmate Scarlett, sadly passed away in 2001 so won't be around for the reunion – but fingers crossed things ended up marvellously with Scarlett's American love Chester.
And finally, who could forget Rowan Atkinson's Father Gerald; him of the nervous disposition and the fubbing of words. Did he ever manage a successful church service? Or was every subsequent wedding and funeral littered with mentions of the "holy goat"?
Ahead, we take a look back over the past 25 years to see how the cast of Four Weddings... have been getting on.

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