Meet Anna May, The Boundary-Breaking NYC Florist & Skateboarder

Kick-ass skateboarder and florist Anna May Dutton has an unmistakeable talent for discovering the harmony of unlike (though equally groovy) things. An intrepid female shredder who's never let the skate park's intimidating gender dynamics slow her ride, she also sculpts vibrant arrangements at NYC's sumptuous Adore Floral. Though these dueling gifts may seem to lie at odds, Dutton has a persuasive underpinning logic for her eclectic passions: Like skateboarders, florists find and accentuate the interconnections that bind structure and movement, telling stories through the color or shape of their blooms. It's easy to see how her theory of motion and shape applies to skateboarding when watching Anna May glide through the city or fearlessly fly down a ramp. Most importantly, we're inspired by how Anna May boldly chases her passions despite the expectations of others, following (on her board, obviously) them wherever they take her.

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