The Meals Team R29 Make To Feel Fancy When They Can’t Go Out

So. The national lockdown may be coming to an end but the restrictions of the tiering system across England mean that many of us will be unable to dine out in style for some time. Even if you're in a tier 2 area and restaurants can reopen (with restrictions), you can't host dinners or lunches with friends at home or meet big groups of people at said eateries. And if you're in tier 3 (Manchester, we love you), then perhaps you feel like locking the door from the inside and throwing away the key is your best move at this point. In short, we're all having to find ways to make the three millionth meal at our desk/dining table feel a bit special from time to time.
With this in mind we picked the brains of Team R29 to find out what they pull together to make mealtimes feel fancy. That doesn't necessarily mean hours of prep or ornate table settings – just a little something-something to zhuzh up the experience. If you're sick of making the same four meals over and over, consider this some realistic food inspo.

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