A Week Of Wearing Summer Clothing For Autumn

Photographed by Beth Sacca.
Right now, your browser is probably inundated with summer-to-autumn transitional style stories. Every year, despite being on this planet for 24 years, I look at my wardrobe with panic. Who is autumn Michelle? What pieces do I want to try? Maybe I want to start wearing cashmere turtlenecks and dress like someone who calls autumn 'fall' instead?
This autumn — I tried saying 'fall,' it's not for me — I've decided I want to be someone who doesn't let the changing of the seasons change me, and not just because the seasonal closet switch-out is exhausting and stuffing my favourite summer clothes into a plastic bin in a dark storage space fills me with so much guilt. This year, I'm keeping my warm weather items on-hand and giving them the opportunity to feel the fresh crisp autumn breeze. They worked so hard through months of humidity — they deserve this.
Ahead, I chose seven pieces of clothing that have been staples of my summer wardrobe and autumn-proofed them. The week was an ode to the end of sunny days — my final goodbye to ice cream on the beach and running around with only a swimsuit as a top. Click through to see how I took pieces like flip-flops and Hawaiian shirts to new pumpkin spice heights.

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