3 Emerging Creatives Show Us How To Style The New Converse Chuck 70

Converse is an iconic brand that is equally nostalgic and forward thinking, making wardrobe staples ideal for all kinds of creative lifestyles. As today’s definition of creativity is expanding, the lines between different mediums are becoming more blurred. So what do you wear to create the future? We asked three UK-based individuals, Ashley Verse, Lava La Rue, and Erin O'Garro to produce a special lookbook for Converse x ASOS and show us how to best style the new Chuck 70 sneaker. The brand’s latest shoe is equal parts functional, utilitarian and stylish − the perfect genesis for an exclusive collaboration.
Here we speak with the three creatives about the shoot, their biggest style influences and what they love most about the Chuck 70.
Designed by Anna Jay.
Where did you find inspiration for the shoot?
Ashley Verse: There wasn't a set inspiration for this project. The brief was all about doing it yourself and being part of the youth culture here in London. So we honed in on that and pulled together our different perspectives.
Lava La Rue: We utilised the tools around us. The space was beautifully derelict with room for our energy to fill and transform it.
Erin O'Garro: I live on Pinterest and I often draw things from my imagination. Because I work with a collective of people, we're always bouncing ideas off each other and I'm able to mock things up quite quickly. For this shoot, it was just trial and error. I drew things I had seen in the past and then found inspiration from other things I saw on the internet.
What are your biggest style influences?
Ashley: I take inspiration from a lot of different places, things such as the UK Grime culture and American hip hop culture constantly influence me. I also tend to shoot on lots of residential backgrounds that include gritty textures because that's what I grew up surrounded by.
Lava: My culture, my Jamaican heritage, my London heritage. The artists around me. My idols. I lived in Japan for a couple of months last year and the people I met there had a lasting impact on my eye for clothing. I’ve always tried to dress like the strong female characters from my favourite films too.
Erin: I would say Rihanna because I love that you can see her personality through her clothing. Beyond that, Solange is a big influence for me because she doesn't give a damn. Anyone that presents themselves like that is a huge inspiration for me; I could see someone on the train somewhere, in a fur coat and pink hair, and I wouldn't be afraid to try it out myself.
What is it that you love most about the Chuck 70?
Ashley: Because of their wide shape I find them really comfortable, I also love the glossy bottom and sole.
Lava: I bang Chucks. I feel like they can be both classy and wavey at the same time. I remember customising my first pair of Chucks as a kid.
Erin: I love Converse in general but what I love most about the Chuck 70 is their wearability and that you can wear them with absolutely everything from girly dresses to trousers. Plus, I can wear them to work. My job involves me running around and going to huge warehouses, but it also requires me to go to very ornate places where you have to be well presented. This is the kind of shoe that can exist in both places.
How do you maintain your personal style?
Ashley: I wear a lot of streetwear but also occasionally wear more tailored pieces. I'll switch back and forth between different styles as it's a fusion of everything. Sometimes I wear colours, sometimes my look is completely monochrome. I take each day as it comes and a lot of what I wear depends on my mood or what I have going on that day.
Lava: I constantly swap clothes with my friends, so once I’ve worn a look, even if I love it, I swap it with a look they’ve done.
Erin: My hair is always changing and that is the most consistent thing about my style. I always style myself around my hair. I really enjoy that about myself. Equally, I'm really into print and art. I'm not scared to present myself in a creative way so I try to be open to things that sometimes people fear.

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