Welcome to Shout Out. We've opened our studio doors to 12 talented women and given them a platform to push the boundaries of their creativity. Each month, we’ll release an exclusive original project – stay tuned to be inspired and amazed.

Twisted Classics

Twisted Classics logo mark
In partnership with Converse

In the Converse Twisted Summer collection, the classic Chuck Taylor has morphed into exciting new forms for a new generation of creators. To celebrate, we’ve handed over to three colour-obsessed women who twist classic themes to create their own worlds.

Fa & Fon

Fa & Fon, 23, Visual Artists

Our initial idea was to create a modern Thai-themed shoot. We wanted to bring together other Thai creatives and designers we admire, but due to COVID-19 it wasn’t safe so it turned into a more personal project of us looking back at our roots and our Thai heritage and picking one particular aspect of it that we grew to love and admire: traditional Thai dance. Luckily, our Mum agreed to model so we were able to create everything at home. She had us when she was 23 and we’re now 23 so there is something really special about that. Even though the world is out of sync at the moment, it’s brought us together to create this project.

We create work that is inspired by pop culture, past and present. It’s not following a certain trend since everything seems to be going in and out of fashion a lot faster now. I think what we do differently is avoid catering to anyone else’s palate. We’re unapologetic and are aware that our work isn’t for everyone and I think that’s a fine approach to working. When you look back through archives of design pieces, you could easily pick out what era something came from because the same techniques and style choices are being made. We try not to really stick to one practice and aesthetic to stay more true to ourselves.

Fon: My style revolves around every male boy band member's look in the '00s
Large Fa & Fon collage
Fa: My personal style is slouched, comfortable and based on every single male and female character from the first three Fast and Furious movies

Twisted Classics

Twisted Classics logo mark

The classic Chuck Taylor has been reborn for a new generation of creators, as Converse Twisted Classics. To celebrate the new collection, we’ve handed over to three women who twist the old with the new to create something different.


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The classic Chuck Taylor has been reborn for the true adventure seekers as Converse Mountain Club. To celebrate the utilitarian collection, we’ve handed over to three women who know the importance of style and function, wherever they go.


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The classic Chuck Taylor has been reborn as the Converse Renew, with recycled uppers. To celebrate, we've handed over to 3 women who are challenging the culture of fast fashion to show us how they renew what they do.