Shop: The Prettiest Coloured Denim

If your wardrobe is awash with sea-blue denims, well, what's new? Nothing else quite manages to be so comfortable and chic in equal measure. The only question that remains is how to prevent it from all being a little bit predictable?
Beyond the crop of washes and finishes that arrived on the scene post the Marques'Almeida frenzy (frayed denim never looked so purposeful or so good) that breathed life into our mainstay fabric, there are loads of new ways to do denim this season. We're suggesting you chase the rainbow with the latest offering of coloured denims to brighten up your summer. It's time to ditch your indigo favourites in favour of something a little more fancy. From soft pinks to punchy reds, Acne Studios' satsuma padded jacket, to Topshop's post box mini, it's time to stitch up and look smart.