Tingle Bells! ASMR Videos For A Calm Christmas Day

Photographed by Anna Jay
2018 was a big year for ASMR folk. It was the year we started being open about our obsessions with pastel-coloured slime and the sound of a lid being taken off a tub of moisturiser. The year Cardi B floored us with her natural tingle talent and Paris Hilton declared it was hot. The year Gentle Whisperer – the Beyoncé of the ASMR world – announced her pregnancy, and the year WhispersRed made dreams come true with a live ASMR pop-up in London. WhispersRed also worked with Sheffield University’s department of psychology, publishing the first study of its kind in June looking at the physiological benefits of ASMR. The study found that the heart rates of those who experience 'the feeling' were significantly reduced while watching videos. And we saw truly #authentic brand collaborations between our favourite ASMR-tists and the likes of Reese’s peanut butter cups, which sound like the song of angels when dropped delicately on top of one another.
It wasn’t all rose-smelling essential oils, though. ASMR videos were banned this year in China under anti-pornography laws on account of their 'vulgar' content. Those doubting Thomases! No spot for the Chinese government in ASMR heaven.
Thankfully, the overwhelming goodness of the ASMR community shone on and they're ending 2018 on a high with a smorgasbord of festive-themed videos. We’ve picked our favourites to see you through any tense moments today and help you nod off into a winter wonderland after that ninth potato and during The Queen's ASMR speech. Prepare to get all kinds of feels listening to these professionals wrap presents, unwrap presents, fondle tinsel and lightly tap festive Soviet ornaments.
Merry Christmas, Tingle People!

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