I Quit My Job To Line Up For A £49 Flight To Thailand

Photo: Courtesy of Mollie Merrified.
Quitting your job to travel the world is not a fresh narrative: The internet is full of accounts of people quitting their corporate jobs, long-term relationships, and fancy apartments to go explore the world. But, as far as the "up and leave" factor goes, few stories are as dramatic as what Mollie Merrifield pulled off last year.
The 20-year-old was working at a London restaurant when an email alert from STA Travel popped up in her inbox: The travel agency was doing a flash sale of £49 return flights to Thailand, with duration of stay up to three months. The only catch? The deal was only awarded to the first 49 people waiting in line for the bargain.
Merrifield and her boyfriend, Dan Jeffs, both decided to quit their jobs and wait in line with sleeping bags in tow. The couple successfully nabbed the tickets — after two nights of camping by the curb — and ended up spending a month in Thailand. In fact, they found the experience so enriching that they did it all over again this year and queued up for the same deal — this time to Malaysia.
We caught up with Merrifield to find out why she decided to quit her job to travel. Click through to see more envy-inducing photos from her overseas adventures.

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