Investment Pieces To Buy In The Sales (That Will Last You Past 2020)

In the past, when we were deep in a mulled-wine-and-mince-pie fogs, mining the Boxing Day sales was a given, as was convincing ourselves we absolutely must have everything simply because it's half price. "It's a bargain!", we'd cry, despite knowing the piece would be relegated to the back of our wardrobe in no time.
This year though, we're trying to be more mindful about the way we shop the sales. We're investing in pieces that are timeless (think breton striped tees and camel coats), or multi-functioning (think dresses that work just as well in summer as they do for party season), with sustainability, longevity, and responsibility in mind.
Click through to see the sales pieces we'll be investing in this year, that will last far longer than a mindless panic buy.