What 11 People Learned From Their Birth Charts

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
When I had my birth chart read, the heavens didn't crack open and reveal a whole new version of myself, but I still learned a lot more about my astrological identity than I otherwise would have never known. I blame my Capricorn stellium (a collection of at least three celestial bodies in the same sign) on my grumpy, stick-in-the-mud tendencies. I heavily identify with my Virgo moon and believe it's the source of at least some of my chronic worries. Again, going beyond my sun sign didn't rock my world, but a lot of small yet significant pieces of my personality clicked into place for me.
It turns out, I'm not alone.
As long as you know your birthday, birth time, and birth place, you, too, can discover your birth chart. Going online to look it up on your own or having an astrologer interpret it for you in a one-on-one reading can show you parts of yourself that you might not have been aware of previously. By that same token, it can change how you understand your astrological identity, too. Maybe your sun sign is the only fire sign in your chart, which is actually full of air sign placements. Or perhaps you've always identified more with the sign that precedes yours and your chart reveals that you actually were born in the final degrees (or days) of that very sign (shout out to all the "cusp" babies).
To get a better idea of just how much of a revelation a birth chart reading can be, we looked to the astro community on Reddit and asked R29 readers to share their stories.

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