The 2019 Trends That Plus-Size Women Are Most Excited About

Burrowing under your covers and daydreaming is a foolproof way to get through a long winter but while you're under there, why not start thinking about spring and what you'll be wearing. I mean, if the fashion houses work a season ahead, why can’t you? But as any plus-size gal can tell you, trends often aren't as available to us as we'd like them to be. It's a bit sad to get all excited about a trend if your favourite plus-size brands aren't going to stock anything like it.
But don't get disheartened, we've done some digging on the styles, colours and cuts you can expect from Spring/Summer 2019. We can’t see the actual garms YET, but you can start working out how exactly chartreuse is going to make an appearance in your 2019 wardrobe.
With no mention of miserable moo moos or monotone tunics, 2019 looks to be a promising year for plus-size fashion. Here are some of the brands and trends we predict will be big...
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Head of design at ASOS, Steven Andrews, promises that the designs between straight and plus sizes aren’t incredibly varied next year, with a focus on treating all customers the same – making it all the easier to dress your squad in matching outfits. There are two style routes to head down with ASOS Curve SS19, with neon, mesh and bold prints on one side and whimsical ruffles, pleats and sleeves on the other. Totally contrasting trends but ones that can be utilised in whole or in part to add to any plus-size person’s existing style.

Andrews also promises a focus on "natural fabrications", meaning linens and cottons, even down to trims and accessories on the new collection.
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Shop Tunnel Vision

Shop Tunnel Vision is adamant that nothing changes between their plus-size and straight-size servings, but the brand still offered up what to expect from their own line next year. Think '80s meets '00s with "pops of neon, athleisure looks, asymmetry, and maximalism". Remember Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton's The Simple Life? Shop Tunnel Vision is bringing Y2K into 2019, whether you want a low waistband or not.
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River Island

River Island remains on track with creating separate collections that appeal to their bigger customers. Don’t worry, the plus-size collection sounds just as sleek as the straight-size offerings. "Animal attraction is back at play," comments a River Island spokesperson, which translates as animal prints alongside utility, made sexy with olive, chocolate and mustard tones. River Island promises cute co-ords for spring with mismatch designs for a "River Island twist on the trend".
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Plus Equals

For Plus Equals, "2019 is going to be an empowering year". Founder and designer Jazmin Lee promises a focus on structure for her next collection, utilising denim, embellishments and hand-crafting garments. Always on the bright and brilliant side of things, Lee is constantly trying to outdo herself. For spring, expect "more daring designs, more risqué pieces and of course, a hell of a lot of colour". It’s hard to see how Plus Equals could get more daring but here's hoping.
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Universal Standard

Following the news of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop x Universal Standard collection coming in the new year, minimalism is the all-inclusive brand's focus for 2019. The aim is to create "feminine minimalism" comments cofounder & CCO Alex Waldman, with an emphasis on standout pieces that play with texture and fabrics – moving away from the stretch jersey our plus-size mothers were obliged to wear. Waldman ends on a note of optimism: "We want to help women enjoy getting dressed without compromises." Finally.

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